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Welcome to the Martin D. Andrews Memorial Scholarship Site!

Scholarship Information

Scholarship Information
Scholarship Winners

This scholarship is dedicated by the St. Peter's Drum Corps to the memory of Martin D. Andrews.  Funding for this scholarship is solely attained through donations and fundraisers.  One or more scholarships will be presented annually.


I. The applicant must have been an active member in Drum Corps for three or more years.

II. The applicant must be seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree in a two or four year accredited college or graduate school. He or she must be taking at least six (6) credit hours to qualify for this scholarship.

III. The applicant must be willing and able to provide this committee with two (2) recommendations:
A. The first recommendation will be written by an instructor, director, president or board member from the corps in which the applicant is/was an active member and must include: Applicant's number of years as an active member. Discussion of applicant's dedication/drum corps attitude. Recommender's name, phone number, and status in drum corps.

B. The second recommendation must be written by a non-relative (i.e., friend, neighbor, et.), over 21 years of age, who is acquainted with the applicant through affiliation with Drum Corps. This recommendation must include: Discussion of applicant's dedication/drum corps attitude. Recommender's name, address, phone number, and relationship.
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  2. Applicant must submit an essay (maximum 400 words) pertaining to the following subject:


    -please do not sign your name to your essay to ensure impartiality-
  3. Applications should be postmarked no later than June 1, 2015 and may be sent to the MDA Scholarship, 2069 Perkins Street, Bristol, CT 06010. Questions for the committee can be e-mailed to Peter Andrews, at